Polar bears seen in Helsinki last week


These polar bears were observed on the ice in Lilla Kallvik, in eastern Helsinki last week. The mother and the bear cub approached Miss Doctor Emma, ( also known as our Saimi Tsukimi, 4 yrs) with affection – originally in a local charity shop UFF in Vuosaari Columbus shopping centre. Since these northern mammals clearly were ok, ready to a closer scientific research and very adorable in every sense, our scientific board agreed to purchase these specimens for 8 euros. Moreover the set can also be used as a sleepover backpack.

Holidays at Grandma´s House  in Helsinki

Miss Doctor Emma ( Saimi Tsukimi) was spending winter holidays with her sister Miss Doctor Rosie (Aino Asami 7 yrs) in Helsinki. This northern city has been praised in various medias and reviews as one of the best holiday destinations for children.


The Gulf of Finland, that in summertime offers refreshing sandy beaches for the visitors is really completely frozen in wintertime. The good people of Helsinki had provided a traditional sleigh on the ice. In the Villa Ullas cafe in the park on the beach they serve the second best cinnamon buns in town. The best buns are baked by these guests themselves in Grandma´s kitchen.


The snow is soft and white in Vuosaari parks. Why are all toilet facilities locked and bolted from the little guests?  Why is the outdoors barbecue not open during wintertime?


Fortunately these doctors are good in baking snow cakes.


Vuosaari parks are great for wild and speedy sports.

The Finnish Museum of Natural History


Archaeology and the fossiles are interesting in the Finnish Museum of Natural History . The museum has also an audio device for guidance in English on special targets. The collections are interesting and remarkable and the museum is excellent in size for younger visitors.


Doctors Emma and Rosie ( Tsukimi and Aino)  pose with their guide and the huge elephant at the entrance hall of the museum. The guests Doctors  had a professional guide throughout their holiday. The guests are experienced travellers and appreciate good service and guidance 24 hours a day.  At departure they were inquired if their guide (Grandma) had been boring – he answer was ”No! She was fun”.

This time the shop at the museum was a bit of a disappointment for our scientist guests. Last summer the visitors found interesting fossile toys at the shop, but this time there were no interesting souvenirs. The guests would have been interested in the objects of Finnish origin, but only some t-shirts were available. The guide noted this observation and promised to forward information. Hopefully next summer the shop will have lovely souvenirs for sale.

The museums are an excellent way of exhibiting the special things the region and culture have to offer and the museum shops would be an excellent place to make good money and satisfied clients.

The meaning of life in a box of poo

Guide Grandma has, however, at home something very interesting, that she has bought from a museum shop in London:

reindeer poo_b

This is something very peculiar: reindeer poo collected in British Nature Parks, sent to China and packed there together with spruce seeds in a plastic bag and a box that has a picture of a Finnish reindeer and snow. This great souvenir is for sale in London Natural History Museum for six pounds. Is tourism not a fantastic and extraordinary industry!


But what would a little box of reindeer poo for tourists mean in the long run of the history of nature? Among the dinosaurs and atoms and molecules and dna and quantum physics?

Actually it has a lot, the little box with poo and seeds bears the history of life and it could teach both young and old tourists the basics of everything.

I am just concerned that this is not Finnish reindeer poo… We have to make a poo initiative to the tourism scientists of the University of Lapland. They do have a tremendous sense of humour.


What do you think this is? It is the most fascinating shaman crown we observed in the Museum of Cultures. They are now closing down the museum in Tennispalatsi. The permanent exhibition has had the title ”Fetched from far”. The museum  has displayed the treasures that the Finnish scientists have brought home from their explorations.  The closinbg down of the museum can be followed in a blog http://www.nba.fi/fi/museot/kulttuurien_museo/muuttoblogi. I hope this crown or the magnificent shaman drums and other stuff is not sealed away to storage. Our scientist Doctor Emma and Rosie ( Tsukimi and Aino) enjoyed drawing and colourig the mermaids at the cosy children´s corner.

What is best on a holiday?

It probably is to spend some free time in a valuable way. For many visitors the best possible way of spending free time is with those one´s you love and really enjoy the freedom without pressures.


One can make lollies or photo frames or buns or gross what-evers of wonder dough: wheat flour+salt+water+oil.


Or you can play Pharaos and ancient Egyptian queens dressed in old t-shirts and painting your face with watercolours.

Photos by Mr. Kari, except the Reindeer´s bottom.


4 ajatusta artikkelista “Polar bears seen in Helsinki last week

  1. This was lovely post, Ullis!! This is perfect material for marketing Finland and Helsinki to the best and demanding guests in the world – the children!!! You hit the heart of the matter! Beautifull pictures, lovely text!

  2. Thanks Anu! Actually we should really start covering or researching the children´s tourism a little more thoroughly. They are the best tourists one can imagine. They are exited of all kinds of things, observant, ready to learn, happy and if ever complaining, that is for a reason.
    And they can behave. I wish I could have many guidances with Finnish ( or foreign) school children in the coming spring.

  3. What a lovely stories and pics!! I fully agree with the ideat that this is the best marketing of wintertime in Finland. And the girls are just amazing.. you must be proud!! suuk suuk.


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