Destination Helsinki

europe forestFrom Helsinki to Palma de Mallorca, Spain, it takes just three hours, it is not far. But from Spain it seems Finland is far in the north, altough the flying time is the same. I learned to know two lovely colleagues from Palma when I took them for a Helsinki City tour as part ot the Meet Finland-event on Matka 2013 exhibition. The guests from Palma were Camilla Alvérus and Aila Bell from the company La Paloma Event. Also we had the pleasure to have Ms Daisy Järva and Mr Jaak Gutmann in our group and Karla Ruutu from Toolbox Travel, that was the organizer of the tour.

The image and the distance

The image is a big part of the accessibility of the destination. The image of a place is built up of so many things, the commercial message has very little to do in this process, really. The mind of a person is a natural preserve area and to mess around in one´s head  with messages might sometimes turn against the messenger.

Palma de Mallorca is famous. Everybody has been there. At least everybody knows someone who has been there. Or knows that the Finns were flying to Palma de Mallorca on Spear Air DC-8 ”Härmän jätkä”already in the late 60s and arrived in quite a great shape to PMI because they served free vodka on board. mallorcaThe Finns had a good time in Mallorca: This picture by Leevi Korkkula is quite famous describing the good old days of sun, sea, sand,sex and something else.

Blogging your mind

One way to reach people´s minds would be to send many, many kinds of messages, good, funny, bad, stories, legends, jokes, myths. Blogging has proved to be a great tool and media in promoting destinations. There was a lot of talk of blogs and bloggers in the Matka exhibition. I attended the bloggers seminnar on Wednesday and I found a few interesting hints there but the main thing was, however, write your own way. Also the pictures are essential:meet senaatintori 2And the people in the picture are important. The most important person on earth is me, not the beautiful building, The Helsinki Cathedral on the Senate Square, but me and the place and the time. In the picture one can see a precious indispensable moment of one´s lifetime. That is what our tourist professionals´ work is all about: To introduce them the places and destinations in the way that we can reach their minds and to provide dear moments to the calenders of people we do not know. And of course to give them the possibility to exchange their money to the experience that we have designed. valtioneuvostoTourism professionals travel on off season and use their imagination to picture how different everything would be in another season. Fortunately Helsinki is in season always. Cold is just part of her charm.

Helsinki City Tour

I took the guests to see the sights of Helsinki, but first we had a nice lunch in the Arthur with the Director Sirpa Toppola:arthur lounasArthur is proud for capacity utilization rate of more than 90 %.

arthur huoneIn the Arthur you can find some jugend – art noveau, some YMCA with the Christian symbols, affordable lucheon and a number of pianos, even two grand pianos. Great location for a party. Here are Aila and Camilla from La Paloma Event and Sirpa at one of the top floor rooms in the Arthur.

Our next destinatios were the Music Centre and

???????????????????????????????to the lobby of The National Museum, where I told some stories of the Kalevala:


We drove further to

meet temppeliaukioThe Temppeliaukio Church, and past Sibelius Park, Meilahti, Olympic Stadium, etc.

meet kampinkappelivia Kampin Kappeli finally to Hakaniemi and the tower of the Worker´s House, that is the Hotel Paasitorni:

meet työväentalowhere we saw the new interiors and the Helsinki skyline to all directions hosted by Mervi Tahkola.

Then we were introduced the Sea Life at the Linnanmäki Amusement Park. I was reminded of one of the Moomin books, I think it is the Moomin Papa´s Memoir, where the fun park in winter is described in such a magical way. Sea Life is great:

meet piraijatpiranhas keep on repeating their blood thirsty round among the twigs in the tank.

meet marinan kalaThis guy can eat anything, look at the implant on his upper lip! I forgot to write down his name, but Marina probably knows him better now:

meet marina suuteluSo pls let us  know the name of your friend Marina!

meet linnanmakMiia Keskitalo and Suski Helander welcomed us to taste a great buffet at Linnanmäki Kattila.


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  1. Ulla-Maija, you nailed it: ”…to introduce them the places and destinations in the way that we can reach their minds and to provide dear moments…” You did just that, and as Finn as I am, and as much I already know about my country of origin, I still came back with something special to cherish and to remember. Kiitos!


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