Please, please me

mummys high heelsPicture: ”Mummy in high heels” by my granddaughter Saimi Tsukimi,age 4, made last winter. Her Mummy is a lovely, happy and beautiful woman, full of energy and love and she fills the whole page. What a great role model for a little girl.

I am not really sure what puzzles me today with the concept of one shining, being who you really are and then the contrary: staying behind one´s given role, hiding oneself and serving, pleasing. Whole life is only drama, only roles in the play? Mummy and Daddy give the characters like in the ancient Greece? Everything is based on childhood´s misunderstandings, rewards and punishments.

design_minna_parikka_1Some of us girls become directors, some perform the roles of the blonde pricesses, some provide the setting, the dresses and the decorations, some are the storytellers, write the same themes over and over again but with different casting. And fortunately there are different parts to play and a number of plays:

noita_minna_parikka_2Sometimes you play the powerful bitch with the guts to take the criticism, to decide, fight and win.

sex_minna_parikka_3Sometimes you can´t help but revealing your passion to the hero although you know the painful result in advance. You are there to please and that´s how it was written in the play.

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Sometimes the part in the play is traditional, strong and real. Beautiful, sustainble, right. But mostly we are observers, the audience:

jalkoja. 5JPG

We girls have so many parts to play. I had a theory that the women could be divided like this:

The girls – everybody has been a girl and some of us never grow up.

The princesses – all girls want to be princesses and some can play the part really well all their lives

The Cows – Most of the women are useful, calm, hardworking, beautiful as cows and other ordinary creatures. Holy Cows.

The Queens – Some women have to grow to stand on their own feet, climb on their throne and to use all their abilities to win and to loose.

The Witches -All women eventually become witches in the end, when the visible beauty is changing into the face of the perish. The magic shining on the face of an old woman is different beauty. We still are the same little girls from the inside, but there is a magic light in our eyes and sound in the laughter. And we use magic as we please..
ballerinan  kohtaaminenBecause we become invisible and the Princes pass us without noticing. And we don´t wear shoes anymore.

These verses are not written by a woman but the two powerful guys in love lyrics and music on the 20th century. The boys play their parts, too.

”Last night I said these words to my love
I know you never even try, love

Come on
Please, please me, whoa yeah
Like I please you

You don’t need me to show the way, love
Why do I always have to say, love?

I don’t want to sound complaining
But you know there’s always rain in my heart
I do all the pleasing with you
It’s so hard to reason with you
Whoa yeah, why do you make me blue?”

The other pictures on this page are by me of Minna Parikka´s shoes and by Kari of the Lapish shoe and the top dancers in the open performance by Helsinki Festival 2008.



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