Satu meni saunaan

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  1. Dear partners,

    Sunny regards from Kiev!

    My name’s Vlada and I am a sales manager of tour operator company of Scandinavian and Baltic countries in Ukraine.

    I have three tourists who want heard a lot of Finish sauna and want to visit this place when they will be in Helsinki.

    They going to visit Helsinki in December and now I preparing a tour for them.

    I would like to know is it possible to rent a sauna for 3 people?
    What prices per hour or what the minimum time for renting?
    What does include in the price?
    What commission is for the travel agency?

    Thank you in advance!
    Looking forward for your answer!


    Vlada Rybak
    Sales Manager

    Ukr-Fin Tour
    Ukrainian-Finnish Tourist Company

    Official representative of Tallink Silja

    office 1, building A
    4/6, P. Lumumby Str.
    Kyiv 01042, Ukraine
    Tel.: +380 44 201 04 07
    Fax: + 380 44 201 01 58


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