Culture equals Capital

The Culture equals Capital. What a wonderful pronouncement demonstrated on the wall of Kiasma. – ”That is so wishful thinking” said one American man, well to do senior tourist in July. ”That is romantic and naive thinking”.

I felt hurt. Why is it always the elderly rich men who claim to know everything.  Their ”knowing” ends all discussion, new ideas, fragrant joyful thoughts. As if he the old rich guys owned all the capital.Perhaps that gives the power to ”know”. But what equals capital then? Money? Property?

a kansalliskirjasto

Capital would equal nil without culture. Gold would be yellow metal without culture, money would be paper. Culture cultures us. Culture makes us human beings and we make the culture.

The National Library has been under the scaffolds and plastics but the riches under them and in the underground book collections became visible in peoples´minds.

a havis amanda hotelli

The beautiful Havis Amanda had a hotel room built around her. The value of the room is in the art – the culture.

a bad bad boy

The culture is wee-wee power.

a gaia

The culture is steel. This is Gaia,the goddes of the earth, by Kirsi Kaulanen hanginig in the Music Center. A Finnish guy once said at the Sibelius monument: ”What a waste of good steel”.

a hkl sauna

The culture is sauna, communication of cultures without clothes or conversations.


Culture is makkara. The Finnish makkara speaks Finnish. Ths is hilarious work by Joonas Rinta-Kanto. ( Fok_it-sarjakuvasta tunnettu Joonas Rinta-Kanto (s. 1982) on vuoden festivaalitaiteilija Helsingin sarjakuvafestivaaleilla. )


Culture shows also in the street building: Here is a geometrical equation by Roger Penrose in Keskuskatu, Helsinki.  ( What a lovely idea: instead of just paving the street, we can use art and science. Culture equals capital when creating infrastructure.

a marimekko

Culture equals fashion – fashion equals design – design equals culture.


Culture equals …. violence? Girls carrying guns ? What about this? Culture parade at the Senate Square:

a temppeliaukio

Culture equals Rock Church with 200 billion years old walls and the eternal light shining through the ceiling windows. Canadian Choir singing:


Nature equals everything.

aseman pojat

Culture equals public monuments like these guys in the Helsinki Railway Station. They express the four virtues of Finnish men: Happiness, Joy, Eloquence and Tenderness.

Pctures by me, Kari and Tarmo. Makkara by